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8 May 2013
8 Mar 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown: Teardown of the Galaxy S7 on March 8, 2016. That's a significant boost over the Galaxy S6's 2550 mAh battery, and it even beats the much larger iPhone 6s Plus's 2750 mAh powerplant. Sadly, as evidenced by this important warning label, the S7's battery does not work in
11 Apr 2011
27 Apr 2017 Here's every single Samsung Galaxy S-series phone iFixit has every torn down.
14 May 2012
Samsung Galaxy S Repair. A 3G smartphone also known as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, or the Samsung I9008 Galaxy S in the Chinese market, released Spring 2010. Create a Guide Donate This Device. 1 Replacement Guide. Display Assembly. 1 Teardown. Samsung Galaxy S Teardown · Support Questions Ask a

8 Mar 2016 Not long ago, from a manufacturer far far away, we were finally sent Samsung's latest flagship—the Galaxy S7—and beamed it down onto our teardown table for inspection. Our charts indicate that the S-line has suffered declining repairability since the S4 in 2013. Our once-favored flagship has fallen far.
Learn how to take apart and fix your broken Samsung Galaxy S i9000 mobile phone with our free tutorial, pictoral guide, recommended tools, tips and info.
18 Nov 2011 To repair your Samsung Galaxy S, use our service manual. Step 1 Samsung Galaxy S Teardown. Removing the boring stuff. The battery! This is the point of no return when it comes to warranty. Here comes the first tricky part. Lets see the innards of this thing. Better close ups of the components. Taking off the speaker.